Founder | President | Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


I help women BOSSes harmonize the art and science of leadership and reach the pinnacle (respect) level while strategizing team effectiveness and productivity.


This corporation was established to provide management services to subsidiaries.


THE LIGS provides consulting, coaching, training, mentoring, and speaking services.


The Boss'd UP LeadHERz, Inc is a nonprofit (future 501c3) organization of women leaders who grow * inspire * rally * lead other women and girls.


GIRL POWER is crucial today. These youth ladies are in 7th to 12th grade and lead and grow each other, and are mentored by women BOSSes.


A department of THE LIGS LLC to provide a training tool to enhance your virtual needs.


 10% of Proceeds Donated to Boss'd UP LeadHERz, Inc.   

Who Am I?


Hello... I look forward to hearing from you!!!

  • My purpose in life is to transform lives. 
  • My passion is to inspire, equip, and grow leaders from success to SIGNIFICANCE
  • My mission is to equip leaders with the tools required to ignite an intentional growth mindset that will drive behavior to achieve actionable results of personal and professional value.
  • My vision is to see every leader I assist reach his/her highest potential.


Primary Personal Values

  • Faith
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership



My primary goal in life is to make the unconscious CONSCIOUS!!!


Higher Education

  • Master of Science in Performance Improvement
  • Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership
  • Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources
  • Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Technology Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Database Technology
  • Associate of Arts in Business Administration

Certifications & Professional Growth

  • Future Certified Maxwell Parenting & Family Coach
  • Future Certified PREPARE|ENRICH Facilitator
  • Certified Youth Facilitator
  • Leadership Fayetteville Cohort (c/o 2019), Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce  
  • Maxwell Certified Behavioral Analysis (DISC) Consultant
  • Maxwell Certified Behavioral Analysis (DISC) Trainer
  • Certified Maxwell Coach, Teacher, & Speaker, John Maxwell Team (JMT)
  • GIAC Security Leadership Certification (GSLC)
  • ITIL v3 Intermediate Release Control & Validation
  • ITIL v3 Foundation


  • Lashley, T. H. (2013). The shattered glass: A phenomenological study of factors influencing career progression of women serving in federal leadership roles. (Order No. 3572902, University of Phoenix). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, 178. Retrieved from (1433287536). 

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Connect the DOTS with Dr. T

Connecting the dots for self (inner and outer), families and organizations is my passion. Information will be shared for healthy mindsets, relationships, and organizations.

Physical health is NOT the only healthy aspect of our life. We must also ensure to have a healthy spiritual life, mindset, family dynamics, and organizational culture. My focus is on ensuring harmony in all aspects required for a healthy life. HAPPY GROWING!!!


Downloads and e-Books

Tons of freebies

If you wish to continue growing, but just do not where exactly to start. You can add growth to your life in the meantime. Just click the button below to download tons of material for yourself, your family, organization or team.

Posteriori Knowledge (Experience)

Leader | Manager

Higher Education Professor

Coach | Trainer | Speaker


  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Child Development
  • Banking Industry
  • Education
  • Youth Services

Coach | Trainer | Speaker

Higher Education Professor

Coach | Trainer | Speaker


  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Small Business
  • Education
  • Youth Service

Higher Education Professor

Higher Education Professor

Higher Education Professor


  • Leadership | Management
  • Business
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology

Cyber Security

Curriculum Developer

Higher Education Professor


  • Leader
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Cyber Defense
  • Risk Management & Assessment
  • Inspections | Accreditation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • ITIL Service Strategy: Design, Transition, & Operation

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum Developer


  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Business
  • Human Resources
  • Integrated Studies
  • Soft Skills
  • Information Technology
  • Youth Development

Workforce Management

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum Developer


  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Small Business
  • Education
  • Youth Services

Mentors | Coaches


Dr. John C. Maxwell

Leadership & Spiritual

John C. Maxwell is an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, trainer, coach and author, whose philosophy is: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” 

If you wish to become part of a growing team of global leaders, please email me at  This is an excellent opportunity.  --- DO NOT HESITATE ---

Paul Martinelli

Mindset & Entrepreneur

A high school "dropout" from a Pittsburgh working-class family, Paul overcame a stuttering disability and potentially dim future to rise from janitor to millionaire entrepreneur. 

Chris Robinson

Business & Sales

Chris is an international speaker and executive coach. Chris’s leadership beginnings started while he was a sales representative for one the largest vehicle services contract service providers in the U.S. Within a five-year period.

Mark Cole

Business & Leadership

Mark serves as the CEO of all five Maxwell Organizations: The John Maxwell Company, EQUIP, The John Maxwell Team, The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, and Maxwell Motivation. Mark Cole has more than 25 years of leadership and team development.

Christian Simpson


Christian is a leading business coach, mentor and transformational leader to entrepreneurs and business owners across the world. His proven and highly acclaimed methods have helped small business owners accomplish extraordinary growth in their business and personal lives. 

Roddy Galbraith


Roddy Galbraith is an international speaker, trainer, mentor and coach with a passion for helping people find their voice, craft their message and hone their delivery. Over the years, he has worked with thousands of people from over 40 different countries. 


 If you wish to become part of a growing team of global leaders, please email me at  This is an excellent opportunity.  --- DO NOT HESITATE ---